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K9DIR.com is a division of the DIR Collective, a company dedicated to creating very high-value, niche-specific Web directories and dictionaries.

K9DIR is somewhat special. It was one of the first directories we created, mainly because dogs are awesome! Who would not want to build a site about dogs?!

Our company generates revenue through advertising and referral agreements.

Business Development

K9DIR is always open to partnership opportunities.

If you feel that your company and ours could form a strategic partnership, please use the contact form below to share your ideas.

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The K9DIR logo was developed by CartoonBall.com in 2012.

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Feel free to use the image above when mentioning K9DIR.com. You may only use this image in its entirety and unmodified. You may resize this image to suit your needs.

Our name and cartoon logo above are trademarks of the DIR Collective.

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Proper Disclosure

K9DIR, like all the web sites in the DIR Collective, is a for-profit web site. Some of the links in the directory point to our affiliate partners. Most of the links tagged as "editor favorites" link to our affiliate partners.

That said, every link on this web site is here on merit. We only publish links and affiliate partner links if we feel good about recommending the web site that is on the other end of the link. If you feel that anything on this web site is potentially deceptive, we'd like to hear from you. Please use the contact form above.



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Big variety, great prices.


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